How to mod Mw2 With Modio (ONLINE) Still Works 2011!

==========MUST READ========================= WHEN I PUT STILL WORKS 2011 I MEAN THAT EVEN THOUGH ITS 2011 IT STILL WORKS! All you need is modio,Winrar,Mw2 Gamesave,and a list of a bunch of DVARs ,you can use em to custom mod.Remeber online!XBOXLIVE Modio- Mw2 Gamesave- Dvar List-

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22 Antworten zu “How to mod Mw2 With Modio (ONLINE) Still Works 2011!”

  1. GlitchMaster2K12 sagt:

    u need a jtag go get one and u can not mod mw2 online

  2. modsglitches89 sagt:

    could some body help me like im trying to mod online but i have no idea what to do and this video is just gay.

  3. RicanX5 sagt:


  4. ScribbleJR sagt:

    @MrHowTo100 nah i mean for online, he has no proof. its freaking easy to mod single player (black ops zombies ftw), but multiplayer is a whole different thing;
    you need a jtag to actually hack Xbox Live.
    who even cares about singleplayer mw2 anymore anyway???

  5. MrHowTo100 sagt:

    @ScribbleJR i guess im his proof cuz i just beat all the spec ops missions on veteran in like 25 minutes and the campaign in like 30

  6. BostonFan12100 sagt:

    this quality is terrible

  7. quick3st sagt:

    Does it still work online?

  8. quick3st sagt:

    @ScribbleJR I know u can mod MW2 sigle player/spec ops with modio. I have done it. Online that would be cool to have.

  9. XIsnippezIX sagt:

    They have already patched all that years ago! no need watching cod mods hack just w8 till mw3 comes out :)

  10. willnik0053 sagt:

    @vonis22 yeah well i am a tree

  11. ScribbleJR sagt:

    its not a virus, but its not online either, reasons as follow:
    You Need A Jtag for online modding!
    You can’t mod Online like that, just using a gamesave.

    It probably will work for singe player, but, unless you have a proof video, ur a lier :D

  12. JOXP100 sagt:

    OMG IT WORKED my anti virus not the mods!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. xXL96A1XxxXLEADERXx sagt:

    can u make a new vid the screen moves to much cant se wats going on

  14. XxWeMODzXx sagt:

    @MidKnightHawk12345 how do u know u can get banned

  15. catchmypenis sagt:

    when i open the save all the mod options remain grey and i cant click on them plz help

  16. pkanoob1 sagt:

    @FaLLxmw2Zz USB 

  17. FaLLxmw2Zz sagt:

    do u this with a jtag or usb

  18. vonis22 sagt:

    Sometimes i go to my backyard, pretend like i am a tree

  19. vipersniper001 sagt:

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  20. BrockOmalley sagt:

    new updated vid please.

  21. Shorty4810 sagt:


  22. xXXCoolOne55xXX sagt:

    @MidKnightHawk12345 then im not doing it

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